Dear all,

it’s a real pleasure to finally post this news. After a long time spent re-engineering our web site, we are proud to announce that the new wePromite social network is finally ready.

During the last 10 months I analysed the market, I thought of my previous experiences, my errors and my successes. I decided that I wanted to do something new, without being influenced by any of the existing web 2.0 services, so I did not subscribed to any social network (except for Linkedin, for professional reasons: great system).

The higher risk was to develop something that already existed, but the pro was to be sure, also for personal satisfaction, to develop a product 100% original.

So, it happened that one evening I wanted to have fun, but I had no idea of what to do. Guess what? I went to a cinema to watch a movie… Guess why? because it was really easy for me to search for it via Internet:

  • I chose the cinema
  • I chose the locality
  • I chose the date

That’s all!!! 10 seconds, and my evening was planned. I enjoyed the movie (Iron man) and when I came back home I thought:”I chose the cinema, because it was really easy… And what if there would have been a similarly easy way to find other kinds of entertainment? Maybe I’d have chosen a different solution…”

EUREKA!!! I was sure: would have been totally re-implemented to become a web service aimed at answering the following questions: WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? Read more