Welcome to the mini site of  1 Minute Game, where you can find general information, view the most updated scores and get support in case of issues.

Let’s start!

The Game

1 minute Game is an easy but addictive game developed for Android smartphones. The aim is to solve a set of puzzles as quickly as possible and of course by giving correct answers.

At each round the CPU builds a sort of equation using numbers, colours and shapes and shows to the player a set of candidates. The player must “simply” touch the one that they believe it’s correct and proceed to the next round.

Simple, isn’t it?

Train yourself …

The Training is the main mode to play with 1 Minute Game. There are no limits: a player can play as many times as they want, in order to gain confidence with the mechanisms and share their scores with their friends. 1 minute games in fact allows to store up to 6 profiles per device, so to allow funny challenges between friends.

… unlock new modes …

In order to unlock all of the game modes, each player must train multiple times with each game.

Do not stop training and unlock every game mode!!! You’ll be amazed by the last one!!!

… and finally, challenge the world!!!

The training is only a part of the game. Once you feel ready, you must absolutely try the “online challenge”!!!

The computer will allow you to play a special game with some slight but sensible differences and it will send your score to an online leaderboard to compare your skills with the ones of all the other players of 1 Minute Game in the world.

Pay attention: you can play only one challenge per day, so be sure to be in your best shape if you wnat to try to become the best in the world and see your name at the top of the rankings!!!