1 Minute Game


1 Minute Game is a Fantastic Brain Training Game and it has been finally released for the ANDROID SMARTPHONES!!!

  • A set of games to test your memory, your logical and math skills day by day
  • 6 slots to store local profiles
  • 8 different games:
    • 1 Minute Game -solve this strange equation
    • Missing Piece – complete the equation finding the missing shape
    • The intruder – train your quickness and your sight
    • Safari – train your reflexes by taking perfect pictures in the Savanna
    • The snapshot – train your memory and remember the position of the shapes
    • The chessboard – remember the position of the pieces on the chessboard
    • The sum – build the right sum
    • Count the coins – touch the set of coins with the highest amount
  • 3 online challenges
  • an World Brain Test mode to challenge the other players from all over the world and see who has the fastest brain in the World
  • post your best scores on your facebook Wall and show your friends how fast your brain is
  • possibility to receive new features via online updates
Go get immediately on the Android Market!!!
It will be yours for just 1.99€*

*(VAT excluded, where applicable)

Find it here:


Discuss or ask for support by posting in our Google Group dedicated to 1 Minute Game: http://groups.google.it/group/1minutegame


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