This page describes the Terms and conditions of all services offered by wePromite.

------ 1. DEFINITIONS ------

1.1 wePromite: it stands for the company "wePromite di Panzacchi Romano"

1.2 User: the customer that signs up into wePromite Social Network to publish an Advertisement on the web site

1.3 Advertiser: the customer that intends to publish an Advertisement on the web site

2. Terms and conditions (Social network)

This section shows the terms and conditions related to the Social Network wePromite.

------ 2.2. REGISTRATION PROCESS ------

2.2.1 In order to add events, it is necessary to sign in, accepting this Terms and Conditions, and get a unique identity (username).

2.2.2 The user receives an email at their email address (used in the registration form), asking to click a link to be activated

2.2.3 Once the user is activated, they can login inserting the username and password in the login form

------ 2.3. EVENTS ------

2.3.1 wePromite will make available a social network for the insertion of Events. The Events will be stored in the database and displayed in different pages (search results, event page, ...) The Event will consist of:
a) a title
b) a description
c) a type
d) a domain
e) a place
f) the name of the location
g) the timeframe
and will be visible on the website as described in clause The submission of an event is FREE!!! as well as the searches or the update of the user profile.

2.3.2 The domain of an event indicates whether it will be visible to everyone or to a close set of people.
a) Domain "Public" means that the event can be seen by everyone (both anonymous visitors and registered users);
b) Domain "Private" means that the event can be seen only by registered users included in the network of friends of the user who submitted the event.

2.3.3 An Event is shown in a dedicated page, inclusive of a Map that shows the location where the event takes place.

------ 2.4. MAIN FEATURES ------

2.4.1 An user can invite another one to be part of their friends list.

2.4.2 An user can add a photo to their profile to be shown in their profile page

2.4.3 An user can bookmark an event to see it in their private area


2.5.1 Events are immediately visible in the website

2.5.2 wePromite reserves the time at any time to check that the data submitted by the users comply with all applicable Law.

2.5.3 wePromite reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion and without liability to the Users, to cancel any Event or user data from the Website.

2.5.4 wePromite shall not be held responsible for any addition to, changes in, deletions from, delay in publication or withdrawal of any Event required by any competent authority having jurisdiction over or responsibility for the regulation of electronic and online content on the Internet.

2.5.5 wePromite has the faculty, in its absolute discretion, to do any act or thing with regards to the publication of any Event (including without limitation the editing or cutting, non-publication, delayed publication or removal from the Website) which is found to contain unsuitable material without liability to the User. The User will have no claim for damages and won't be refunded by wePromite.

2.5.6 wePromite has the faculty, in its absolute discretion, to change the "type" of an Event at any time. This can happen, for example, if the type is "expanded" into a set of "sub-types".
Example: seom events are stored in the system with type= "SPORT".
After some time, this category is expanded into "Motorcycling", "Golf" and so on.
All events stored in the category "SPORT" will have to be moved in its subcategories (depending on the type of each event and depending on the feasibility of this operaton, due the possible volumes).


2.6.1 wePromite reserves the right to make changes to the rates or this contract at any time.

2.6.2 Special rates and conditions may be announced from time to time for particular features.

------ 2.7. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY (Events) ------

2.7.1 wePromite takes no responsibility for any Event or information published on the site.

2.7.2 Each User is responsible for their own Event or information