How wePromite works

wePromite is a social network with a unique aim: to give people a fast and easy tool to promote events in internet.
There aren't hundreds of commands, features. Everything has been developed with one goal in mind: to keep it simple!

Hence, give it a try: you only need to register, sign in, click on "Add event" and submit a form with the event's details. That's all!
Your event will be IMMEDIATELY visible in our web site.

  • Sign up to join
  • Sign in to enter
  • Add an event
  • Integrated with Google Maps

Sign up to join

In order to join this service you need only to sign up, clicking the link in the homepage.

Fill in the form inserting few data (the username that you want to use, your email address and few other fields) and submit it.
An email of activation will be sent to your email address: follow the instructions and that's it: you are registered!

Sign in to enter

To use wePromite and promote events, sign in with your username and password.

Once entered you will notice that the available features are very few and simple:

  • edit your profile adding a short description and uploading a small photo
  • Send and receive invitations to your friends to build a small network
  • ...and most of all, add events clicking the related button

Add an event

The procedure to add an event is really simple:

  1. click "Add event" in the menu bar: a new form will open
  2. Fill in the form with all the details of yor event: title, description, dates and place
  3. Click on Add event!
  4. That's all! It could not be easier, couldn't it?
With regards to the place of the event, please notice that wePromite is integrated with Google Maps APIs.
Thanks to that, you don't need to fill in a kilometric form, selecting countries, regions and cities from boring lists.

Simply write the address of the place in the text field "Place" and click the button "Find this place": 1 second, and wePromite will suggest you a list of feasible places. If the result does not satifies you, refine the search and retry, until you find what you were looking for.

Integrated with Google Maps

The integration with Google Map allows wePromite to display each event together with the Map of the location where the Event will take place.

You don't need to do anything: no links to attach, no copy and paste: simply put the right address when you add the event, and wePromite will take care of the rest.
So, when visitors will get to your event page in wePromite, they will have a complete and clear overview of your event: WHAT, WHEN and WHERE!