We are proud to announce that the version 1.1.0 of 1 Minute Game and 1 Minute game LITE is going to include a new and addictive game: The intruder!!!

This is the first free DLC (Downloadable Content) for our Android applications “1 Minute Game” and “1 Minute Game LITE”.

in game screenshot of the intruder

The goal of this new game is to find and touch the object that is different from the ones shown on the screen.

Look at the shapes,  colours,  numbers and animations to identify the intruder and get the best score!

  • If you have already purchased 1 Minute Game, don’t worry:  you’ll get this new game for free via an On The Air Update of the Android Market
  • if you are a new customer and you buy directly the version 1.1.0 (or above), the new game will be already available

We hope you enjoy this new game and you appreciate our intention to enhance 1 Minute Game by adding new games and modes for free.

Please try it and tell your friends to do the same!

Best regards,


1mglite_promotionalToday we released on the Android Market 1 Minute Game LITE, the FREE version of our new game.

Some features are not available, as the online challenge, but it’s enough for you to play with a couple of games and see how the Full game looks like.

Please give it a try and go get the Lite version in the Android Market.

In case of questions or issues, let us know via email or by commenting this post.


The year 2010 is new starting point for wePromite.

Immediatley after our decision to specialise in the development of solutions for Android devices, we agreed that we had to re-engineer our website as well.

Hence, here we are.

The main web site from now on will be used as the company site with the special aim of showing our new products for Android and provide support, where needed.

Our mini web site dedicated to the free promotion of events through the world wide web has been simply moved under the folder “events”.  From a SEO perspective this is even better, since the URL is more consistent with the service.

Moreover, it’s not our intention to dismiss the service, bu to enhance it in 2010 with new useful features.

We wish you all a fantastic 2010, hoping that you will enjoy our next products.

If you have an Android smartphone,  give it a try:  enter in the Android Market and look for our applications!

Best regards,

Romano Panzacchi – wePromite

Hi Everyone,

just a short message to inform you that we slightly improved wePromite Events.

From now on, it is possible to insert in the event description a link to the web site of the event promoted.

A small amendment, a big improvement for the community: many visitors will get to your web sites directly from the pages of wePromite!!!

We are sure that you’ll be happy to read this news.

Best regards,
wePromite staff

Dear all,

it’s a real pleasure to finally post this news. After a long time spent re-engineering our web site, we are proud to announce that the new wePromite social network is finally ready.

During the last 10 months I analysed the market, I thought of my previous experiences, my errors and my successes. I decided that I wanted to do something new, without being influenced by any of the existing web 2.0 services, so I did not subscribed to any social network (except for Linkedin, for professional reasons: great system).

The higher risk was to develop something that already existed, but the pro was to be sure, also for personal satisfaction, to develop a product 100% original.

So, it happened that one evening I wanted to have fun, but I had no idea of what to do. Guess what? I went to a cinema to watch a movie… Guess why? because it was really easy for me to search for it via Internet:

  • I chose the cinema
  • I chose the locality
  • I chose the date

That’s all!!! 10 seconds, and my evening was planned. I enjoyed the movie (Iron man) and when I came back home I thought:”I chose the cinema, because it was really easy… And what if there would have been a similarly easy way to find other kinds of entertainment? Maybe I’d have chosen a different solution…”

EUREKA!!! I was sure:

wePromite.com would have been totally re-implemented to become a web service aimed at answering the following questions: WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? Read more