Version 2.0 of 1 Minute Game published!


Ladies and gentlemen,

today is a great day for wePromite and for all of the players of 1 Minute Game.

We have just released on the Android Market the version 2.0 of 1 Minute Game. And we are very happy to list here all the enhancements of our brain training game:

  • 4 brand new games: Missing Piece, Chessboard, The Sum and Count the Coins.
  • introduction of 4 categories (Logic, Reflexes, Memory and Calculation)
  • The NEW BRAIN TEST MODE, to test your brain and see how fast it is in giving the right answers.
  • a WORLD BRAIN TEST online ranking, to compare your scores with all the players of 1 Minute Game
  • a fine tuning of the whole game, to make it easier to play (but still challenging)

We are sure you will enjoy a lot this great version 2.0 of 1 minute Game!

Please give it a try, review it and show it to your friends!!!

We need your support to go on improving our game!

Best regards,


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