Hi everyone!

We have another great news for you: the new version 1.3.0 of 1 Minute Game has just been released in the Android Market.

And we are really proud to announce that it contains another brand new game mode in the Training section: “Safari“, the THIRD free DLC (Downloadable Content) for our Android applications “1 Minute Game”.

In game screenshot of Safari“Safari” is a funny game in which you test your reflexes. The goal is to wait for the animals of the savanna to run across the screen and take a shot when they are in the center of the viewfinder: the more the picture is centered, the highest the score assigned (at the end of the game each picture is shown with some short funny comments).

  • If you have already purchased 1 Minute Game, don’t worry:  you’ll get this new game for free via an On The Air Update of the Android Market
  • if you are a new customer and you buy directly the version 1.3.0 (or above), the new game will be already available

We hope you enjoy this new game and you appreciate our intention to enhance 1 Minute Game by adding new games and modes for free.

Try 1 Minute Game LITE and if you enjoy the game and you want us to go on enhancing it and adding new games, please support us by promoting the game among your friends and buying the PAID VERSION.

Best regards,