We are proud to announce that the version 1.1.0 of 1 Minute Game and 1 Minute game LITE is going to include a new and addictive game: The intruder!!!

This is the first free DLC (Downloadable Content) for our Android applications “1 Minute Game” and “1 Minute Game LITE”.

in game screenshot of the intruder

The goal of this new game is to find and touch the object that is different from the ones shown on the screen.

Look at the shapes,  colours,  numbers and animations to identify the intruder and get the best score!

  • If you have already purchased 1 Minute Game, don’t worry:  you’ll get this new game for free via an On The Air Update of the Android Market
  • if you are a new customer and you buy directly the version 1.1.0 (or above), the new game will be already available

We hope you enjoy this new game and you appreciate our intention to enhance 1 Minute Game by adding new games and modes for free.

Please try it and tell your friends to do the same!

Best regards,