The year 2010 is new starting point for wePromite.

Immediatley after our decision to specialise in the development of solutions for Android devices, we agreed that we had to re-engineer our website as well.

Hence, here we are.

The main web site from now on will be used as the company site with the special aim of showing our new products for Android and provide support, where needed.

Our mini web site dedicated to the free promotion of events through the world wide web has been simply moved under the folder “events”.  From a SEO perspective this is even better, since the URL is more consistent with the service.

Moreover, it’s not our intention to dismiss the service, bu to enhance it in 2010 with new useful features.

We wish you all a fantastic 2010, hoping that you will enjoy our next products.

If you have an Android smartphone,  give it a try:  enter in the Android Market and look for our applications!

Best regards,

Romano Panzacchi – wePromite