We are proud to announce that, since the middle of January 2008, wePromite.com got a Page Rank 1 from Google!!!

This is the perfect way to celebrate the new year. Thank you everybody for your support: we promise to go on improving our advertising offers in order to provide you with the best service ever.

Quality, quality, quality: this is our slogan.

We believe in what we are doing and we are sure that wePromite.com will become more and more popular in the World Wide Web.

Thank you!!!

Romano Panzacchi

I’ve always been interested in everything is made to help people in getting the best from technologies, making products more and more powerful but at the same time easier.

Drupal 6.0 is going to be more than a Content Management System, so the news that the Release Candidate 2 of Drupal 6 is ready to be tested is fantastic for me.

The idea behind the sixth version is to develop a complete framework and, honestly this is what I’m waiting for in order to start a new, big project that I’ve been preparing for one year.

I’m very curious to see the final release of Drupal 6.0 and everybody here at wePromite events, our social network wish the Drupal staff all the best.

Keep up the good work!!!

Romano Panzacchi

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