The last time we spoke about the key success factors of the console market. Today we will deeply analyse the influence of the competitive forces, and how much they affected the market.

First of all, let me say that competition is always a positive factor.
The presence of competitors means innovation, dynamism, differentiation, sometimes also price reductions.

It’s not my intention to describe what happened 10-15 years ago, with the struggle between Sega and Nintendo, the arrival of Sony, the failure of 3DO and Amiga CD32 or the sad end of Saturn and Dreamcast.

We will focus our analysis on the current competitors: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.
Let’s start with Sony and its famous brand: Playstation.

The last generation was “dominated” by Sony. They sold more than 100 millions of consoles and they are still selling a lot of them. The same had happened for the first Playstation. Read more